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Topographic Surveys

We undertake topographic surveys for all sizes of site using total stations, GPS receivers and laser scanners. Surveys are usually presented as 2D AutoCAD plans with custom blocks. We can relate surveys to local datums or the Ordnance Survey national grid & datum as required.

Laser Scan Topographic Surveys

Laser scanning for topographical surveys can generate lots of useful information for visualisation and adding context for development proposals.

Point clouds are usually supplied alongside traditional 2D plans with a total station survey taken to establish an effective control network and pick up ground level detail.

Sketch Up Topographic Surveys

We can create 3D models of topography using laser scan or traditional TS data. Topography is usually created in Trimble SketchUp though the point cloud support in 3DS Max 2015 is very exciting for organic modelling and we hope to launch the service soon. 

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