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Revit Surveys

A Revit Building Survey can include many options beyond the model itself. We use Laser Scanners to to take full 3D measurements of the building and to take 360 degree photography of the areas surrounding the survey set up positions. Both of these can be useful additions to a Revit Buildng Survey and can be supplied in formats to suit your software set up.


We undertake site surveys throughout the country and build accurate Revit Models from pointcloud and total station data. We have drawup standards and can vary these to the budget and time demands of the project.

All projects contain custom Revit families to accurately show existing building elements. Families are clean in section, plan and 3D and are generally fully parametric so can be saved to your company family library for use in future projects. We generally build custom families based on the views utilised - ie elevations and plan.

If specific sections are required we can upgrade standard survey families to show the detail required.

If you are working towards a Level 2 BIM workflow a Revit survey is a good start to a refurbishment or alteration project. We can also convert any existing 2D plans that you may have into Revit and manage the model if you do not have the facilities in house.



Subsequent releases of the Autodesk Building Design suite have brought increasing interoperability with point cloud data. The 2015 release has been one of the best yet and as well as confirming previous gains it has brought point cloud use to 3DS Max and improved use in Revit. We can supply the point cloud in an Autodesk compatible format so you can view the survey data within the Revit model environment for buiilding context, detail and clash detection.

If you want to model the building yourself we can supply the point cloud and photography as a stand alone product.




One of the easiest ways to use Laser Scanner data is via web viewable photography. Like the point cloud this can be a good resource to check on single elements such as light fittings / plug sockets / pipe runs that may be prohibitively expensive to model throughout the entire building.

Scanners take 360 degree photography of each station set up (each scanner position) and you can pan around this much like google street view. The advantage however is that you can measure directly from the photography.

For a demo of any of the above or the workflow as a whole please get intouch.

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