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Historic Measured Building Surveys

Laser scanning has many advantages over traditional surveying techniques for listed buildings, ancient monuments and the historic built environment.

A great amount of detail can be captured in a short amount of time and due to the range of the scanners access problems such as height or unstable structures can be mitigated. Scanners can also pick up spatial data without light so can be a good solutions for caverns, tunnels or areas without natural or artificial lighting. 

PointBIM has been laser scanning for the last 8 years using Leica and Faro laser scanners and has good experience working with listed and ancient monument structures. We also have lots of experience helping architects to work with the data that laser scanning produces and can help you take advantage of the multitude of deliverables that laser scanning makes possible. 

As well as the pointcloud data useful deliverables are full 360 photography - either from the scanner itself or higher quality imagery from a 360 camera system like the ISTAR platform. 

For AutoCAD drawups for historic buildings we work to English Heritage’s Metric Survey Specifications for Cultural Heritage.


Costs are generally no more than traditional methods as the use of laser scanning is an advantage to the surveyor as well as the client. The cost of other deliverables that involve manual processing are charged at day rate so can be instructed as and when needed as the point cloud once commissioned will always be accessible.

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