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Laser Scanning Surveys

3D Laser scanners use LIDAR (LIght Detection And Ranging) and measure distance by calculating the time taken for a beam of light to bounce back from a surface. By taking thousands of points a second they build up a point cloud of target buildings.

360 photographs are taken by a camera inside the machine and RGB and intensity values are used to colour the points in the scan. This data is exportable for use in standalone viewers (for measurement) and 3D modelling applications for creating solids and surfaces.

The example below is a small section of a 3D laser scan from a Grade II listed Arcade in Bristol. The density of points has been reduced to allow it to be viewed in a browser. Zooming into the structure shows the individual points that mark the surface of the building.

Demo content - click the cube to view

if your using internet explorer please click here to download the necessary viewer

3D laser scanning can reach distances of 300m which can allow lots of data to be collected from limited vantage points. The screen captures below show the larger point cloud captured from limited roof access.


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